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2020-04-03 01:32 Jul 14, 2011  Best 10Hour YouTube Videos (VIDEO) By Laura Hibbard. Just when you thought your favorite video memes had retired deep into the cobwebbedcabinets of old

Musical videos which you can actually watch without getting bored is highly encouraged. This means stuff like Voldermort Laughing or Ha! Gay! should be avoided. For the time being, playlists or anything other than a direct link to the video is not allowed. Minimum video length is 10 hour youtube videos

10 secondsokayits nice 10 minutesi'm gonna get out as soon this kitty will stop farting rainbows 1 hour please STOP 2 hoursSTOP 35 hoursUGH please STOP NOW OR I WILL DISLIKE THIS video 610 hoursgoes on this list to vote for most annoying video ever by the way everyone the banana song isn't 10 hours long.

Mar 28, 2019 If the song or video is enjoyable enough, some may let it play in the background as they work or do something else. In addition to all the different memes and parodies that have been made into 10hour versions, there are also tons of 10hour videos based on relaxing music or catchy beats that people can simply listen to as they leave it playing in the browser. 10 hour youtube videos

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