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2020-04-03 01:07 Jul 20, 2012 You could be staying in countries US, UK or India but still may not be able to watch all YouTube videos. This is because YouTube gives content owners an option to restrict videos to certain geographic regions. Learn how to watch blocked YouTube videos that are not available in your country.

What we found was that around 3 of all YouTube videos are blocked in Germany. That percentage rises to 10 for YouTube videos that have over a million views. The map below shows the percentage of YouTube videos (limited to those that have views of over 100, 000) that are blocked in blocked youtube videos germany

Feb 18, 2017 The organisation constantly looks for videos of German musicians on YouTube and determines whether or not the videos have been illegally uploaded. If the body determines that the videos should be on YouTube in the first place, it flags them down, thus making it impossible for viewers to watch the videos in Germany. How a VPN can help

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Feb 20, 2011 YouTube video blocked in Germany? Why is my youtube video blocked in Germany? More questions. My youtube video was blocked in Germany? My YouTube video says it is blocked in Germany! Why? Answer Questions. Help! ! I want to go big on youtube so i dont have to work? Please subscribe to Pewdiepie. We are losing to TSeries. Oct 17, 2016  YouTube is the biggest platforms where you can share and watch videos. From movie trailers, music videos, latest news, funny clips, to curing your love for cats (or dogs), YouTube offers billions of videos to stream online. Sadly, this is not the case in Germany. There are many music videos How does the average German deal with YouTube videos blocked by GEMA? (self. germany) submitted 4 years ago by dbarefoot. I recently moved to Germany, and discovered what you already knowthat a huge number of music videos on YouTube are blocked by GEMA. I blocked youtube videos germany Jun 30, 2015  The blocking of YouTube videos in Germany is part of an ongoing dispute between the video sharing platform YouTube and the Gesellschaft fr musikalische Auffhrungs und mechanische (GEMA), a performance rights organisation in Germany. According to a German court in Hamburg, Google 's subsidiary YouTube could be held liable for damages when it hosts How to Watch GEMA Blocked YouTube Videos in Germany. Want to watch GEMA blocked YouTube videos? YouTube is the third most frequently visited website in the world. Ever since its inception in the year 2005, the site has been extremely popular amongst those seeking entertaining videos. Jun 18, 2012 How to Watch Banned YouTube Videos. Previously, a simple trick to alter YouTube video link was working perfectly for many months, but of late, it has stopped working. YouTube found out the loophole and patched it subsequently. Let me show the previously working trick, Another study found that around 3 of all YouTube videos, and 10 of those videos with over a million views, are blocked in Germany. Effects. Sony Music's CEO of international business, Edgar Berger, said in an interview in February 2012 that the Internet is a blessing for the music industry. Nevertheless, there are still problems that have to

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